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Add new active business to my company

09.01.2016 12:06

Hello my name is Nashed from Egypt I was living in Ukraine and I have company for import and export, and I want add activitie as restaurants sale food. In this part of company I have 2 partners one of them is the chief cooker. I need to make his document before he com.
My question is
how long is taken to start business of restaurant and documents of the chief cooker?
How much you need to start on this document?

г. Киев

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Off-line Штангей Сергей
Киев (также (также вся Украина))
ответил 09.01.2016 13:09
ответ исправлен 09.01.2016 13:10

Hello... it depends of many factors... 

1. Company registration

2. Place for a restaraunt (i can help to find it)

3. Obtain all permissions 

4. Getting work permission for a partner

So if you are intrested in that you can call or write me by email, contacts in my profile on site

Off-line Мороз Виктор
адвокатское объединение
Киев (также вся Украина)
ответил 09.01.2016 12:25


It will take 1-2 months and expenses depend on the kind and size of restaurant you want to start.



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